Welcome to the inn!

Hi, I'm Ethan! This is my personal site! Here, you can expect to see pages about random topics. As you can see, the site is a work in progress without much on it. However, as I'm currently focused on my studies, work on this site is mostly on hiatus. If you want to keep up with me, I have a list of social media links near the bottom of this page.

About Me

As I introduced before, my name is Ethan! I'm an artist, gamer, collector, and studying programming and game development! I'm 21, Puerto Rican (mixed white/TaĆ­no), a he/they/it nonbinary MLM, and autistic. My main interests include video games (My main special interest is Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo!), animation, toy collecting, technology, and skateboarding. I create art both on paper and digitally, usually about my original characters. You can see some of my characters on my Toyhouse profile!


External Links (Where else to find me!)

Enjoy your day!